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About us

We are Majan Safaris

Dove Hunting Company

We offer the most extreme and excitting experience in the world of wing shooting, Argentinian dove hunting.

For those who doesn’t heard of us, Argentina is well known as the dove capital of the world.

From all the Argentinian hunting lodges, we are the only one capable to offer you four different species (4 feathers) in one location.

We promise and guarantee, the best dove hunting of your life and probably the best wing shooting experience of your life as well.

You’re formally invited.

Contact us today to book your hunt.

dove hunting argentina

SCI Hunters Convention, Reno USA

Official SCI Members

Out stand at the SCI Hunters Convention, Reno USA
Our representative at the SCI Annual Convention


Argentinian Dove Hunting Experience

Imagine thousands of doves flying over your head with an unlimited hunting license, two automatic shotguns always loaded and a whole day of wing shooting for you, your family and your friends. Sounds dreamed, right?

Every single hunter how visited us could feel the real challenge of a day in our Lodge:


  • The sound of shoots like a battlefield.
  • The shotguns burning.
  • Shootshells all over the place.
  • Hundreds of pieces in the ground.
  • Your shoulder begging for a massage.
  • And a cold beer and good meat to enjoy.

Majan Safaris

Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Four Feather Species, One Location

dove hunting


Eared dove also known as golden dove, a fast flying cousin of North America’s Mourning dove.

Limit: Unlimited

Season: Year round

pidgeon hunting


Up to 2 subspecies. The pigeon is bigger than a dove and usually flies higher.

Limit: 100 per day

Season: March – November

upland bird hunting


Up to 3 subspecies of challenging upland bird. Hunting behind pointer dog.

Limit: 10 per day

Season: May – August

duck hunting


Up to 13 species of ducks. Beautiful species of Argentinian ducks hunted over decoy.

Limit: 25 per day

Season: May – August

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